Smaller Programs May Need VMS-Driven Efficiencies Even More than the Largest Ones

Whether or not we realize it, one of the main things the technology explosion of the past two decades has done is made our lives more efficient. Think about it: say you have a half-hour of downtime in a doctor’s office waiting room. With your smart phone, tablet or laptop you could very realistically use that time to pay bills, order dinner and set the DVR to record whatever show you’re going to miss during your appointment. That’s a pretty darn good use of otherwise wasted time that wasn’t possible even 10 years ago. How did we survive?

There’s little downtime in business, particularly for workforce management initiatives in small and mid-sized companies that may be understaffed and overworked. For them, efficiency is vital. Yet it’s more than likely that these organizations are the very ones not deploying technology to maximize efficiencies. The thinking often goes that it’s not affordable or the enterprise simply isn’t large enough to warrant it.

Think again. Twelve-year-olds have cell phones these days, don’t they?

As we’ve been mentioning in our most recent blog posts, the benefits of VMS technology transcend company size and scope. Smaller organizations can reap the same benefits as the largest conglomerates and increased efficiency is near the top of the list. Doing things manually from spreadsheets and through other paper-based processes is just really inefficient in today’s electronic world. Smaller companies especially need every advantage they can get to compete and succeed. A VMS streamlines everything by driving more competitive rates, faster sourcing and greater quality control. Small or large, it makes any contingent workforce management program more adaptable, responsive and nimble which, ultimately, improves overall operations and adds to the bottom line.

Is your company ready to take the technological plunge?

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